Case Study - St. Giles’ & St. George’s Academy

St. Giles’ & St. George’s Academy

In partnership with Seddon Construction, Catfoss were contracted to supply, deliver and install a 40-bay modular building for the St. Giles’ & St. George’s Academy.

As part of an ambitious school expansion programme, a two-storey building was designed to include four Key Stage 2 classrooms, a staff room, male and female toilets, two reception classrooms, nursery facilities, a practical room and a sensory experience room.

As intake continues to rise for the Academy, more space to accommodate the growing number of pupils was urgently required. The challenge for Catfoss would be to design and build a structure accommodating a range of classrooms and amenities and install the building with minimum disruption to the school.

Catfoss were able to design and manufacture the majority of the module buildings offsite, therefore minimising the disruption to day-to-day operations of the Academy. While the modules were built offsite, the work on the foundations and gas membrane on site could be carried out at the same time, speeding up the completion of the whole project, which would be delivered and completed in just 17 weeks.

Catfoss manufactured the building modules and delivered them during the summer holidays to keep disruption to a minimum. Once installed onsite, timber cladding and insulated render were fitted to complete the external perimeter. By installing the modules in this way, it allowed for landscaping, playground design and perimeter fencing to be completed at the same time as the internal works – such as installing the ventilation system, the building management system, glazed atrium, skylight detail, platform lift and various mechanical and electrical works.

As a family owned business with a proud heritage across four generations, we put consultation and customer service at the centre of everything we do.  We look to partner with businesses for mutual benefit, as we have with St. Giles’ & St. George’s Academy. If you have challenges around availability of space, think Catfoss and get in touch today.