Case Study - Queen’s Hospital Burton

Queen’s Hospital Burton

In November 2018, Catfoss were approached to assist in providing more space for beds and various facilities at the Queen’s Hospital Burton in anticipation of the increased pressures of winter.

Consulting with the Trust, Catfoss would work within a tight and challenging timescale to provide a three-storey building that would enable the addition of 28 new beds, theatres for surgery and various clinical and administrative areas.

Project Size: 4141 sqm, 3 Storey, 110 Modules

The two key challenges were to complete the project quickly, due to the urgent pressure of additional beds being required for the winter period, and keep disruption to a minimum so not to adversely affect existing patients, staff and visitors. Catfoss would ensure work could be carried out properly and professionally in the timescales, without compromising on quality or design.

The clear solution was to use modular building. This would allow different sections to be manufactured offsite and delivered to the hospital during off-peak times, such as evenings and weekends. It would also allow internal fit-outs to be carried out while other floors were being manufactured. The final structure would comprise of three storeys that would enable 28 beds to be added to the ground floor, operating theatres on the first floor and clinical and administrative facilities on the second floor.

Catfoss were able to deliver the buildings over the course of four weekends. Following their installation, work was carried out to ensure the beds on the building’s ground floor were ready for occupation within six short weeks, all in compliance with HTM and HBN guidance. Finally, external cladding was provided using modern methods but in such a way as to give the building a traditional look.

As a family owned business with a proud heritage across four generations, we put consultation and customer service at the centre of everything we do.  We look to partner with businesses for mutual benefit, as we have with Queen’s Hospital Burton. If you have challenges around availability of space, think Catfoss and get in touch today.