The Client

Kenwood Ladies’ Pond is part of a chain of ponds, situated on the eastern fringe of Hampstead Heath.  It is the only pond on Hampstead Heath reserved solely for ladies’ swimming.

April marked a significant landmark in the Ponds Project with the arrival and successful installation of the Ladies Pond buildings. These compromise of changing facilities, toilets and a lifeguards unit.
The whole building is DDA compliant and was designed in consultation with the Kenwood Ladies Pond Association.

What We Did

The building was manufactured in Yorkshire. BAM Nuttall worked in partnership with IC Mining and the Catfoss Group  to engineer the building.  It arrived on the Heath in five modules which were craned into position. This prefabrication method was chosen to minimise the construction period so that the pond only needed to be closed for the absolute minimum period. It is also a much more sustainable construction method and has less impact on the Heath, with fewer vehicle movements to and from the pond.

This part of the project has not been without its challenges, the first being how to get five large modules through the Heath with the least amount of impact. The carefully planned route through the Heath was necessary due to a promise by the City not to use Millfield Lane for construction traffic. One tree was removed and branches cut back to enable the buildings through. The paths along the way have also been impacted but these will be repaired soon.

What the Customer Said

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